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Chebucto Plus Frequently Asked Questions
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Q.   I use Webmail. How do I delete excess email when I have gone over my mailbox quota?

A.   Chebucto Community Net supports a number of different methods for people to access their Chebucto email. When an account has exceeded its mailbox quota, mail can no longer be deleted and erased using the Chebucto Webmail service. Instructions on how to delete excess mail or files using Chebucto's text service are here:


Q.   I can't access my mail. What's wrong?

A.   Check your mail program's settings. Your POP3 (receive mail) server is and your SMTP (send mail) server is Do you have your CCN account name set properly? There is no "" in a Chebucto login. Account names and passwords are case sensitive; putting in ZZ999 instead of zz999 will make a difference. Check there are no spaces invisibly sitting at the beginning or end of the username and no extra characters in the password.

         Check you are using the password from your CCN text-based account and not your Chebucto Plus password. Remember that passwords and account names are case sensitive: upper and lower case letters make a difference. 'PASSWORD' is not the same as 'password' or 'Password'. Make sure that the mail program is not trying to use an SSL encrypted login (this setting is usually in the mail account Properties of the email program).

         Check your mail and disk quotas. Chebucto Plus users get a 2 GB mailbox and 10000 K of disk space. If you are using more than this, you will not be able to download your email or use our webmail service until you delete some mail or files and bring your mail and/or disk usage below the quota limit. To access your mail and files when over quota will require logging into Chebucto's text-based interface using either a terminal program (such as Tera Term or HyperTerminal) or an SSH or telnet program to connect to our text server. Terminal programs should dial 494-8006 to connect and SSH and telnet programs would connect to


Q.   I keep getting connection errors when I try to get a web page. Is there anything I can change to help with this?

A.   You can try to change the Domain Name Server settings and see if this helps.

         In Windows 95 and 98 you can get to this from the My Computer shortcut. In Windows ME, you should then go to Control Panel. Select Dial Up Networking then the Chebucto Plus connection and right click your mouse. Select Properties then Server Types then TCP/IP Properties. You can select Specify name server addresses and put in the Primary DNS window: and in the Secondary DNS window:

         On most Windows 95, 98 and ME systems you can select Server assigned name servers and the name servers will be auto-assigned by our server without you having to specify them. If you select this option and your web browser will not get any sites, change this back to Specify name server addresses and put in the name server information listed above.

         In Windows 3.11 and 3.1, go into your dialup program's settings. If you are using Trumpet Winsock, go into the TRUMPWSK.INI file with any text editor, such as Notepad, and where you see the line:


change it to:


Note the single space between the two DNS addresses.

         Mac User or using a different dialer software package? Your dialer program may vary but somewhere in it there will be a spot to specify the Domain Name Servers. Consult your dialer program's documentation or Help menu for more information.