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Chebucto Plus Frequently Asked Questions
- - About The Service.

Q.   Can I sign up for a trial membership?

A.   No. We lack the resources to track and administer any number of trial users. Chebucto Plus is a PPP service the same as you have likely seen any number of times before when you have seen a graphic browser like Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer in action.


Q.   What is the connection speed of Chebucto Plus like?

A.   Chebucto Plus dialup outputs on 56 K modems and is on a T1 connection to the Internet that has a lot of spare capacity. In other words, we can receive data from the Internet to our server as fast as is possible and can send it to your home computer at the maximum rate regular phone lines can carry. Of course you need to have a 56 K modem in your home computer to take full advantage of this speed though slower modems can also connect to the service each at their own best speed. Chebucto's regular text-based service also outputs on 56 K modems. Actual connection speed will depend on many factors outside of Chebucto's control such as the condition of phone lines in your area, etc.

The Chebucto Wireless service runs at a maximum speed of 11 Mb per second. Actual connection speed will depend on the wireless reception conditions in your area, setup and placement of your computer, among other factors. Wireless connections are much slower for example if the computer is being moved at all such as would happen if someone were standing up and holding their laptop in their arms.


Q.   Can I pay in installments?

A.   No. We tried an installment payment plan and found it required too much administration for too little benefit to our users. All Chebucto memberships are for one year terms.


Q.   Can I use Internet Call Manager, ICQ, mIRC, etc., with Chebucto Plus?

A.   Yes. You can use any type of program which works with a standard PPP (Point to Point Protocol) connection. PPP is the common standard for graphical connection to the internet.


Q.   What Operating Systems do you support?

A.   We completely support Windows XP, Windows ME, Windows 98 Second Edition, Windows 98 and Windows 95.

We support Windows Vista on a "best effort" basis. Setup info is online but our Chebucto Plus setup CD does not work with Windows Vista at this time.

We also support Windows 3.11 and 3.1, but warn that much web content, particularly multimedia, may not work with these two Operating Systems.

We offer support for Macintosh System 7.1 and up, but our direct technical support for this platform is limited and on a "best effort" basis.

We do not offer support for Linux, BeOS, Windows NT or Windows 2000. Computers running these Operating Systems are quite capable of connecting to the internet using our service and we do have users with such systems, but the assumption is that users of these systems would already be familiar with their own internet connection setup and operations.

The Chebucto Wireless service currently only supports Windows XP and Windows Vista. We plan on adding support for Windows 98 and ME but warn that some if not most 802.11g wireless network adaptors do not support these now-dead Operating Systems and wireless network adaptor drivers for Windows 98 and ME may not exist.

Macintosh OS X support for Chebucto Wireless will require someone with technical knowledge and familiarity with OS X to volunteer to help us with setup information and documentation. Such a person can contact us.