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Chebucto Plus Frequently Asked Questions
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Q.   I can't telnet to Chebucto or access a URL. How can I access them?

A.   Some early Windows 95 systems seem to have trouble resolving Chebucto's address. The good news is that there is a workaround that you can use which will work: you can use the name for both web page addresses and for the telnet host. Or, if you prefer, you can use our IP address: for these as well. These are all names for the same machine.


Q.   Can I access secure web sites and do my banking on the net with Chebucto Plus?

A.   Chebucto Plus is a PPP connection which supports the strong encryption web browsers use for secure online transactions.


Q.   Do I need your software CD?

A.   To use Chebucto Plus will require a PPP dialer program, a web browser and (optionally) a telnet or SSH program. If you already have these, then no, you don't need our setup CD. You will just have to put in the new settings to use your existing software with our service.

         Our setup CD contains software for Windows XP, ME, 98 and 95. It is not compatible with Windows Vista but Setup info for Windows Vista is included on the CD as well as being online.

         Windows Vista, XP, ME and 98 do not require any additional software to connect to the Chebucto Plus service, but there is a Dial-Up Networking 1.4 upgrade available from Microsoft for both versions of Windows 98 and for Windows 95 that we recommend. There is a link to it on our 56 K connection troubleshooting page. Windows 95 must upgrade the Internet Explorer web browser to at least version 4. Windows 3.1 and 3.11 require a web browser and PPP dialer (Windows 3.1 also needs a new comm driver and a telnet program).


Q.   How can I tell how long a session I have and how much is left?

A.   Our session timer will only come into play when there are only a few phone lines free for people to dial in on. This almost never happens as we add lines to our service when usage approaches capacity.

         Set up as your browser's default Home Page. It has a session timer, important Chebucto information and useful Chebucto Plus utilities on it. It may take a few seconds to load so if you don't see a session timer on it right away, hit Refresh or Reload and you'll get an updated page with it on. As your session goes on you would hit Refresh or Reload to get the current session information updated.

         To set this up as your browser's default Home Page, in Internet Explorer look for a menu item called Internet Options under Tools, in Mozilla Firefox look for a menu item under Tools called Options and in Mozilla SeaMonkey look for a menu item under Edit called Preferences. Note: some very early versions of Internet Explorer display the wrong page when is typed in. If you have one of these early versions of Internet Explorer (given out with early releases of Windows 95), you will have to upgrade to a more recent version (IE 4 or higher) to see the correct page. The wrong page will have no mention of Chebucto Plus on it.