The mandate of the Nova Scotia Basketry Guild is:
  • to share information about basketry,
  • to promote an awareness of basketry to the community-at-large,
  • to promote the preservation of traditional Nova Scotia basketry techniques
  • to promote the development of contemporary basketry techniques

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    BASKETRY INFORMATION published by the
    1747 Summer Street, Halifax Nova Scotia B3H 3A6,
    Phone 424-7353
    Edith Clayton's Market Basket by Joleen Gordon
    Handwoven Hats by Joleen Gordon
    Withe Baskets, Traps and Brooms by Joleen Gordon
    Acadian Root Baskets of Atlantic Canada by Joleen Gordon
    Elitekey: MicMac Culture from 1600 AD to the Present
    by Ruth Holmes Whitehead
    MicMac Quill Work by Ruth Holmes Whitehead

    Online Info Sheets: The Mi'kmaq at the website for Nova Scotia Museum

    School Classes: Weir Fishing at Fisheries Museum of the Atlantic, Lunenburg

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    Nova Scotia Department of Lands and Forests
    Summer Key to the Woody Plants of Nova Scotia
    by A.E. Roland and D.A. Benson
    Identification of Nova Scotian Woody Plants in Winter
    by James F. Donly
    Trees of Nova Scotia, A guide to native and exotic species
    by Gary L. Saunders
    Shrubs for Wildlife
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    How to Weave a Witherod Basket by Mark Smith
    Rush Chair Seating in Lunenburg County, NS
    by Joleen Gordon and Peggy Jenkinson

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    Cape Breton Centre for Craft and Design Library 902-270-7491
    Halifax Public Libraries General Inquiries 902-490-5753

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    National Film Board of Canada 1-800-267-7710,
      Black Mother and Black Daughter (1989).

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    There are people in the following areas who make baskets, teach basket making, have supplies, or other local information about baskets; New Glasgow, Cape Breton, Antigonish, Chezzetcook, Lunenburg, and Hubbards. Contact us for more information regarding these locations, or the local Halifax region.

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    Farmer's Markets - Halifax, Dartmouth, Lunenburg and Hubbards
    Art Gallery of Nova Scotia shop, Halifax
    The Bogside Halifax
    Carrefour Atlantic Emporium Halifax NS -- (902-423-2940)
    Glooscap's Trading Post, Highway 102, Exit 13A Truro, NS -- 902-897-6953
    Brook Village Basketry, Mabou Cape Breton 902-945-2385
    Nova Scotia Centre for Craft and Design - The Guide to Craft and Art in NS
    Studio Map, Studio Rally Production, Musquodobit NS
    Halifax Art Map, a guide to artists studios and galleries within Halifax Region
    Made In the Maritimes, The Hydrostone Halifax and Bedford Highway

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    British willows and willow baskets -- Lunenburg Co. Nova Scotia

    Nova Scotia willows -- Bridgewater, Nova Scotia  

    Willow basketry tools -- Ross Farm Museum, New Ross Nova Scotia

    Maritime Hobbies & Crafts  -- will order reed,  basketry kits, tools and books, as well as prewoven cane for chair replacements. The kits are great if you don't have storage space for bundles of reeds. 1521 Grafton Street, Halifax, 902-423-8870

    Canadian Reed Suppliers (as of March 2017)
    W. H. Baskets -- Port Rowan Ontario

    Levairs Woodworking: We are located in Barry's Bay, Ontario and selling by mail order, a  very large variety of reed, round, flat and flat oval, seagrass, real rush, fiber rush, cane, handles, dyes etc.   I just recently took over for John Prentice of Caners Corner in Niagara Falls.  613-756-0057 kevin@levairswoodworking.ca

    United States Reed Suppliers (as of March 2017)
    Suzanne Moore's N. C. Basket Works
    Baskets of Joy
    D.E.L.S. --  Nantucket Baskets plus other materials
    Xenor Trading -- Vermont. Their customer service is great and the prices good even with the exchange.

    Withe Collection in the wild -- The traditional basket weavers of European origin in Nova Scotia use withe rod, Viburnum cassinoides, as their material. The basket styles are based on the European willow tradition. Unlike the European willow, which is grown in fields for making baskets, witherod is not grown commercially; it is gathered in the wild. If you cut a big bush, it will sprout up the next year into finer shoots suitable for weaving. Go along power lines and cut grown bushes to create a source of weavable withies for the following year. The book, "Withe Baskets, Traps and Brooms" by Joleen Gordon, which explains the use of witherod in Nova Scotia and how-to-weave several styles of baskets, may still be available through the Gift Shop at the Nova Scotia Museum of Natural History.

    Recaning of Chairs -- Our most FAQ is about replacing woven chair seats.  Our FAQ page is meant to be a help in determining what type of chair people are looking to have repaired, and a photo story of how to replace prewoven cane seats and backs.

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