The mandate of the Nova Scotia Basketry Guild is:
  • to share information about basketry,
  • to promote an awareness of basketry to the community-at-large,
  • to promote the preservation of traditional Nova Scotia basketry techniques
  • to promote the development of contemporary basketry techniques

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    President's Reports of Guild Activities
    Looking Back to Incorporation, 7 June 1988

    Charter Members met in October 1988 at Ross Farm Museum - Thanksgiving Saturday.  This tradition carries on still, as we demonstrate at Ross Farm each Thanksgiving Saturday.

    Our Charter Members were:  Joleen Gordon  --   Val Meister  --   Jane Arbour  --   Eileen Hubley  --   Marianne LaPointe  --   Heather Sanft   --  Jennifer Waring  --   Anita Bishop  --   Gail Hoban.

    Honorary Members
    are special people whose work we admire and who inspire us

    Werner Turtschi of Hondrich, Switzerland - Willow basketmaker
    Michael Thierschmann of Neustadt Germany - Willow basketmaker
    Annie Paul of Indian Brook, NS - Mi'kmaq wooden flower maker
    Olivia Elton Barratt of Little Hadham, England - Rush basketmaker
    Clara Clayton Gough of East Preston, NS - Black basketmaker
    George Saulnier of Hectanooga, NS - Acadian basketmaker
    Anne May Darville of Eskasoni/Halifax, NS - Mi’kmaq basketmaker
    Greg McEwan of Bear River, NS - Mi'kmaq basketmaker
    Caroline Gould of Eskasoni, NS - Mi'kmaq basketmaker
    Basil Peters of Indian Brook, NS - Mi'kmaq basketmaker

    Organized Basketry Exhibitions
    with demonstrations & workshops

    2012:  "GREEN Basketry" exhibition, Craig Gallery, Alderney Landing,
    "GREEN Basketry" Selections from the Craig Gallery exhibition,
    Scott Manor House, Bedford
    2006: Basket Stories – The Craig Gallery, Alderney Landing, Dartmouth
    2001: Nova Scotia Basketry Traditions – Dartmouth Heritage Museum
    2000: Basketry: Honouring the Past, Exploring the Future
    Alderney Landing Visual Arts Gallery, Dartmouth
    1997: Baskets: Traditional and Beyond – Nova Scotia Museum, Halifax
    1993: Craft Theme Years – Mary E. Black Gallery, Halifax,
    Nova Scotia Department of Education and Culture celebrating the first 5 years of the Craft Theme Years
    1992: Gather Ye Baskets – Unitarian Church Ballroom, Halifax, where we
    displayed work of our members under the guidance of member
    Michal Crowe

    Organized Basketry Demonstrations
    1988 - Present:  Ross Farm Museum, Lunenburg Co. NS - annual program
    1988 - Present:  Nova Scotia Designer Craft Council, Summer & Winter Markets
    Over the years: Various Locations of the Nova Scotia Museum
    Over the years:  Programs in the Public Libraries and daycares
    Over the years:  Dartmouth Farmers' Market

    Participated in Community Events

    2008: 20th Anniversary of NSBG - 2 year series of events focusing on
    Ash baskets in Mi'kmaq, Nantucket and Shaker traditions with the Mi'kmaq Mainland Confederacy, the Shubenacadie Canal Commission and the Nova Scotia Department of Tourism, Culture and Heritage
    2004-2006:  Baskets for the IWK (regional children's hospital) Auxiliary's
    annual Kermesse
    2005: Snake Charmer’s Basket for Symphony Nova Scotia’s production of
    The Nutcracker
    1995: Summit’95 in Halifax - Basketry demonstrations
    1994: August 15 – Our visit with Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II
    1993: Birchbark:  Micmac and Nordic Traditions with the
    Shubenacadie Canal Commission
    1991: The Craft Theme Year of Basketry – year long basketweaving workshops
    and demonstrations, compiling The Basket Notes and making the Nova Scotia Museum kit

    Organized Special Workshops

    2006-2009: Greg McEwan, Bear River, Nova Scotia – 
    Traditional Mi'kmaq Ash Basketry
    2008: Martha Weatherbee, New Hampshire USA  –  Shaker Cat-head Basket
    2006: Flo Hoppe, Rome New York USA  –  Dyed Reed Basketry
    2005: Todd Labrador – Mi’kmaq Birch Bark Container
    2004: Clara Clayton Gough, East Preston Nova Scotia – Red Maple Basketry
    2004: Joan Carrigan, Saltspring Island British Columbia – Rush Hatmaking
    2004: Lyn Siler, North Carolina USA – Cherokee Ash Basketmaking
    2004: Werner Turtschi, Switzerland – Willow Basketry Workshops - Province wide
    2003: Louise Lortie, Prince Edward Island – Wheat Weaving
    2003: Joan Carrigan, Saltspring Island British Columbia  –
    West-Coast Cedar Bark Basket
    2003: Clara Clayton Gough, East Preson Nova Scotia – Red Maple Basketry
    2002: Sanna Rahola, Finland/Nova Scotia – Felted Containers
    2001: Mary Butcher, England – Willow Shopping Baskets
    2000: Werner Turtschi, Switzerland – European Willow Basketry Workshops
    2000: Anne Mae Darville, Eskasoni/Halifax Nova Scotia – 
    Mi'kmaq Ash and Sweetgrass Basketry
    1998: Ankaret Dean, Oakville Ontario – Woodland Sculptures 
    1997: Shuna Rendel, London England – Netting and Complex Linking
    1997: Hisako Sekijima, Japan – Traditional & contemporary Japanese Basketry
    1996: Kay Johnson, Witham England – Traditional British Rush Basketry
    1996: Jules Koch, Ontario – Wild Withy Basketry 
    1996: Sue Marvin, Washington USA – Northwest Coast Cedar, Cherry,
    Sweetgrass Basketry
    1995: Lois Walpole, London England –Waste Basket Workshops
    1993: Karin Lundholm, Sweden – Swedish Birch Bark Basketry
    1993: Melinda Mayhall, Toronto Ontario – Colourful Reed Basketry.
    1990: Olivia Elton Barratt, Little Hadham England –
    Traditional British Rush Basketry
    1989: Werner Turtschi, Switzerland – European Willow Basketry Workshops
    1987: Werner Turtschi, Switzerland – European Willow Basketry Workshops
    1987: Michael Thierschmann, Germany – Willow Lidded-Cheese Basket
    1985: Ankaret Dean, Oakville Ontario – Telephone Wire Basketry

    We are very grateful for financial assistance from The Nova Scotia Department of Tourism, Culture and Heritage, The Canada Council, The Swedish Embassy, The British Council, Canadian Heritage/Ottawa, and many corporate sponsors in our Province of Nova Scotia.

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