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Summer 2012

Volume 24 Number 2, June to September 2012

Our “Green Basketry” exhibition was an amazing success – thank you to all who participated in many ways – planning, collecting, volunteering for set-up and take down, teaching Saturday morning workshops, gallery volunteering, selling at the April 22 Earth Day event.  We met so many people, including a basketry group from Truro!  We took in cast off materials from people who were down-sizing – future workshop materials. We had a magical April 22 event with many people bringing their baskets with stories, baskets needing identification; we had two Honorary Members on hand, Clara Gough and Anne Mae Darville, who did the job expertly.  It was all good. Total of 1,333 people visited the gallery during the month.  You should all have received the final report in the past day or two. 

This summer we will hold workshops in June and September.  We have been asked to do several demonstrations at various craft fairs – come along and bring your current project.  

With non-Guild basketry events happening at Ross Farm Museum and the Wallace and Area Museum, we could spend the whole summer on the basketry road – great!


Note from Pat Othen:  Over the past few months I have added a couple of new items to our web pages.  Under the tab "Photo Gallery" are two new tabs "Past Projects" and "Basket Patterns", and in the coming months Joleen and I will expand the Honorary Members section under the tab "Past Events" to include a short biography on each of the Honorary Members.

(calendar year)

$15 per individual
$20 per couple

Payable to:
Nova Scotia Basketry Guild

Mail to:
121 Crichton Avenue, Dartmouth, Nova Scotia,
B3A 3R6


Suggestions for workshops, and locations to hold the workshops are always appreciated.

If you, or someone you know, would like to teach a workshop, or have an idea for a workshop, or an idea for workshop space, please e-mail us and let us know. We have people who can help make it happen!


Cancelled for
June - July - August

These gatherings are open to Guild Members only.
There is no formal teaching just sharing, to complete workshop projects or to start new ones.

Tuesday Mornings
 resume in September
 9:30am to Noon
 with a potluck lunch at noon.

 Monday Evenings
resume in September
 7pm to 9pm

For details
Contact Us


"GREEN Basketry" Again!

GUILD EXHIBITION:  yes, another one!

Green Basketry - Selections from the Craig Gallery at Alderney Landing

Scott Manor House in Bedford July 9-15
, 2012

We had a request for another basket exhibition from Scott Manor House Museum – it was decided to ask for selections from our April exhibit and, as a bonus, we could take part in their Raspberry Teas – yum!  We can spread our basketry environmental message to another group of people. 

We will need:
Volunteers to assist with setting up and taking down. 

Baskets – we will focus on materials and will contact people for their pieces.

 Drop off deadlineJuly 1st at Joleen’s
Set up time - July 9th Monday 
Take-down time - July 15 Sunday at 4pm

June 16  Avondale Art Fair
We have been asked to teach Berry Box Lanterns in Hants County where the berry boxes are made – Maria Burgess is so excited that she is donating the boxes.  We have the paper directions, we have some boxes (we can always use more!), we will get some wire ties and as for lights, we may sell them to re-coop…

This is the community with the church that was floated down the bay to become a winery.

Website: Avondale Art Fair
Location: Newport Landing, Nova Scotia
Time: Saturday June 16, 2 hours, 10-noon. 
Then we can enjoy lunch and viewing the rest of the Fair!
Contact for carpooling: Contact Us
July 20-22 - Nova Scotia Designer Craft Council Summer Market
We are a group member of this organization to promote craft in Nova Scotia.  Please volunteer for an hour or so by bringing along your current project and spreading the word of basketry.

Location: Victoria Park, Spring Garden Road/South Park Street in Halifax 
Time: Friday, Saturday, Sunday - TBA
Contact:  Contact Us
July 22 – Acadian Day at Grand Pr
We have had a presence at this event for the past 4 years, fun-filled with traditional French mass followed by music, dance, good eating of Acadian food and lots of people.  Bring your current basketry project.  I will have our display of Acadian root and willow baskets.

Website: Grand Pr Acadian Days
Location: Grand Pr National Park
Time: Sunday July 22, 10-4pm
Contact for car poolingContact Us
August 16 – Quaker House in Dartmouth
We will have a special afternoon honouring the Nantucket Baskets made by the Nantucket Quakers who lived in this home 1785-1892 - demonstration of Nantucket basketmaking in that time period, plus a small exhibition of Nantucket baskets owned by Guild member Michal Crowe.  Please bring along your current basket project to show other basket styles.

Website: Quaker House Dartmouth
Location: 55-57 Ochterloney Street, Dartmouth
Time: Thursday August 16th, 2:30-4:30pm
Contact: Contact Us

Usually the Third Saturday of each month (September to May)
Register with and pay the contact person listed for each class.
If you are not a current member you will be required to pay the $15 annual dues plus the class fee.

June 2, 2012 - Saturday
Paper Flower Workshop
with Salyne Ting-eo

paper flowers

Make your own rolled and woven paper flowers with Salyne, our new member from the Philippines.  We had a fantastic May workshop with her making rolled paper beads.

Instructor: Salyne Ting-eo

Cost: $10.00

Participants:  10 (limited spaces available)

Place:  121 Crichton Street, Dartmouth, NS

Time:  9:30am to Noon

Materials: newspapers or magazines cut into 10 ”x 3” pieces; green or white masking tape, a little bit of thick wire or flower wire, thicker unbendable wire for the stem, paint (optional), mod podge sealant glue and white stick glue.

scissors or cutter, thin knitting needle or skewer for rolling 
Class contact: Register with
Contact Us

Please Register and Mail in your Class Fee before May 31, 2012
Nova Scotia Basketry Guild, 121 Crichton Street, Dartmouth, NS, B3A 3R6
September 15 and 16, 2012
Saturday and Sunday
Mi'kmaq Basket
with Greg McEwan

More information to come as soon as details are completed.

Instructor: Greg McEwan

Cost:  TBA

Participants:  10

Place:  TBA

Time:  TBA

Tools: TBA

Class contact: Register with Contact Us

Please Register and Mail in your Class Fee before August, 2012
Nova Scotia Basketry Guild, 121 Crichton Street, Dartmouth, NS, B3A 3R6



Basket and Basketry Outlets

Anne Mae Darville and Maggie Bean have baskets for sale at the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia shop.

Greg McEwan's ash baskets and Alan Hayward's bark baskets are for sale at The Bogside and Carrefour in Halifax.

Maritime Hobbies in Halifax is now selling reed basketry kits, tools, pre-woven cane for chair seats and books. The kits are great if you don't have storage space for bundles of reeds.  They will also order reed, handles, tools, dyes at your request. 1521 Grafton Street, 902-423-8870.

Nova Scotia Basketry Contacts
Contact Us
New Glasgow:  Donna Manuel 
Cape Breton:  Diane Langdon-Dann
Antigonish:  Sian Turner 
Seaforth:  Hannah Dunleavy 
Lunenburg:  Heather Sanft
Hubbards:  Peggy Jenkinson 
South Shore:  Michael Wolter 

Other Things to See and Do

May 19-early July – Basket exhibition at the Wallace and Area Museum, 13440 Route 6 (Sunrise Trail).  This museum has the Davis Collection with over fifty 19th and 20th century Mi’kmaq baskets in many sizes, shapes and materials such as Black Ash, sweetgrass, quills and natural dyes.  Curator David Dewar 902-257-2191
Web Site: Wallace and area Museum
Anyone interested in a field trip?

July 28-29 - Wood Chip Hatmaking at Ross Farm
This is a demonstration organized by the Ross Farm Museum with staff/Guild members Monique Veinott and Vanessa Rafuse.  This craft came to Nova Scotia in the mid 1800s with the British settlers and has remained in the oral tradition – quite a feat. 

Interested?  Let us know which day suits most people and we can arrange a field trip.

Website: Ross Farm
Location: New Ross, Lunenburg County, NS, highway #12
Time: Saturday and Sunday 9:30-5:30
Contact for car pooling: Contact Us

Basketry with Lissa Hunter – June 10-22, 2012 as part of the Summer Workshop series at Haystack Mountain School of Crafts, Deer Isle, Maine
Website:  Haystack Mountain School of Crafts

From Portland Maine, Lissa is a well-known basketry artist who covers her coiled shapes with paper which is further painted and adorned. 
View her work:



Our Honorary Member Bazil Peters
On Monday April 23, the IWK Auxiliary recognized the contribution to the hospital by Mi’kmaq basketmakers Edith and Bazil Peters with the presentation of two framed photographs, one of Edith and Bazil with their unpainted baskets and another image of three of their baskets painted as “Kermesse Baskets” plus an engraved plaque.  For 50 years, 1950-2000, the Peters made poplar baskets for the IWK Auxiliary whose ladies painted them bright colours with floral designs and sold them at the annual Kermesse Fairs raising money for the health care of children in Atlantic Canada.  One frame will hang in the IWK Hospital in Halifax.  The following day, 4 Guild members took the other frame to Millbrook where we presented it to Bazil who could not make the trip to Halifax.  It was a very moving moment as Edith passed away some years ago.  Bazil was very pleased and said that Edie was with us urging him to get more splints and start weaving again.  A photographer from the Mi’kmaq-Maliseet Nations News recorded the event published in the Mi’kmaq-Maliseet Nations News May 2012.

Bazil and Edith Peters kermesse baskets
Heather Sanft, Guild member and Lunenburg County Winery owner, was in a neat article in the May 7th Chronicle-Herald.  “The liquor corporation sold more then 2,500 cases – 30,000 bottles – of Lunenburg County Winery’s Blueberry premium in the 12 months that ended in March.”  That makes their Blueberry wine the second biggest seller of local wine produced in Nova Scotia!  “There are lots of cottage people all around us, from all over the province and from Germany.  It’s an ideal summer wine, a lot of people like it with barbeques and in spritzers, said Heather Sanft, Lunenburg County’s owner.”  Well done!
Monday May 21, 2012, the Chronicle-Herald ran an article, “Interest grows in thatched roofs” by Glen Parker with two colour photographs, about thatching the roof of the Acadian House in Annapolis Royal with local phragmites reed, also known as “elephant grass”.  Very informative article.

Please consider the environment before printing this e-mail.