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Winter 2014

Volume 26 Number 1,  January to March 2014

Happy New Year everyone – may you have the best of Good Health and lots of fun basketry adventures this year.

Your program committee of 2 – Anita Price and Joleen Gordon have focused the year’s programming on “Pairing”.  Pairing is a British basketry word, meaning “a weave using two rods”.  Another basketry term, with the same meaning, is “Twining” which can be done not only with 2, but also with 3 and 4 rods.  "Pairing" is also a word meaning joining two things together to create something much better; often used for pairing wines with foods.  We could use the same meaning with basketry, joining unlikely materials with different basket styles, and come up with some interesting creations – let’s have fun with this idea!  We will also be pairing our basketry programs with existing festival programs in the Province.  Stay tuned!

If any of you would like to add your ideas to this theme, speak up and pair with us as we develop the program over the year.

(calendar year)

$15 per individual
$20 per couple

Payable to:
Nova Scotia Basketry Guild

Mail to:
121 Crichton Avenue, Dartmouth, Nova Scotia,
B3A 3R6

Contact us if you are not sure if your dues are paid for the current year

Suggestions for workshops, and locations to hold the workshops are always appreciated.

If you, or someone you know, would like to teach a workshop, or have an idea for a workshop, or an idea for workshop space, please e-mail us and let us know. We have people who can help make it happen!

These gatherings are open to Guild Members only.
There is no formal teaching just sharing, to complete workshop projects or to start new ones.

Tuesday Mornings
 9:30am to Noon
 with a potluck lunch at noon.

 Phone Joleen for more information

MONTHLY GUILD WORKSHOPS If you are not a current member you will be required to pay
the $15 annual dues plus the class fee.

New Exhibition Tour at the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia
January 19th (Sunday)

We open our new season by joining the AGNS Sunday tour of this important new exhibition.  Pairing of “news”!

On January 10th, “Shifting Ground”, a new permanent exhibition opened in the entire second floor of the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia. “Charting the changing currents in contemporary Aboriginal art across Canada as seen through the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia Permanent Collection, this exhibition takes a circuitous route that begins here, on the East Coast, and finds its way to the Arctic.”

The Collection includes the basketwork of Mi’kmaw artists – Caroline Gould, Margaret Johnson, Margaret Gould Pelletier and Ursula A. Johnson.

The AGNS Gallery Shop carries the work of Guild Honourary Members Anne Mae Darville, Greg McEwan and member Cheryl Simon.

Place: Art Gallery of Nova Scotia, downtown Halifax near the ferry terminal. 
Time:  2:30pm tour begins.  Let’s gather at the main desk about 2:15pm.
Cost: $5.00 payable to AGNS
Tour Contact:  Joleen Gordon, or e-mail us
Please register Immediately with Joleen so we can have some idea of the number in our group.

Mi'kmaw Porcupine Quill work with Cheryl Simon
February 15th (Saturday)

Quill moosequill snow flake

Explore the technique of reproducing Mi’kmaw petroglyphs on birchbark with pairs (!) of porcupine quills inserted into the bark with Mi’kmaw artist Cheryl Simon who calls her pioneering work, “painting with quills”.

In this workshop, you will learn the stories of the Mi’kmaw petroglyph rock drawings and where they can be found in Nova Scotia.  After selecting one of the images, you will learn the technique of quill insertion in birchbark.  To make a medallion which can be used for an ornament or a pendant, a second piece of bark is stitched on for a backing with spruce root.  To make a memento for a special occasion, the single piece of bark is framed.

Cheryl has taught for us before and her classes are incredible cultural experiences.  She weaves stories of her people through information about seasonal gathering, storage and preparation of materials and the intricate details of the craft of porcupine quilling.

There will be two different levels of instruction – beginner and intermediate.  You may choose your design at class time.  Cheryl may have kits for sale – for future projects!

Cost: $20.00 includes all materials

Participants: 10
Conrad Room, Findlay Community Centre, Elliot Street, Dartmouth  

Time: 12:30pm - 3:30pm 
Tools:  tweezers, fine scissors   
Class contact:  Anita Price, or e-mail us

Please register before February  8th  and send your cheque made out to Nova Scotia Basketry Guild to 121 Crichton Avenue, Dartmouth NS B3A 3R6.

AGM (noon to 1:00pm)
The Pairing Technique (day long workshop)
March 15th (Saturday)

Telephone wirereed boat

Annual General Meeting – open to all Guild members (free!).  Bring your ideas for your Guild and vote for your 2014 executive.  Exercise your precious vote!

Pairing Technique Workshop
We shall explore the pairing/twining technique with natural rush to get a feel for the pairing technique making a small boat-shaped basket.  Then we shall explore colour patterning with telephone wire and, for extra fun - pipe cleaners, using the 2-rod technique to create small baskets.  For more adventures, we shall explore the 3-rod and 4-rod patterns using wires with different colours in different patterns. 

Cost: $10.00 includes all materials

Participants: 20
Place: Conrad Room, Findlay Community Centre, Elliot Street, Dartmouth  
Time: 9:30am - 3:30pm  with AGM noon -1:00pm over lunch 
Tools: wire cutters, scissors for rush, rush threaders (if you have them – Guild has some) and your lunch
Class contact:  Gay Hansen, or e-mail us

Please register before March 8th and send your cheque made out to Nova Scotia Basketry Guild to 121 Crichton Avenue, Dartmouth NS B3A 3R6.


Spring 2014 – Basket workshop with Mi’kmaw basket weaving artists Margaret Gould Pelletier and Della MacGuire.

July 19/20, 2014 – Making Lavender Wands at the Lavender Festival at the Seafoam Lavender Farm in Seafoam, Nova Scotia on the beautiful Northumberland Strait overlooking PEI.

Fall 2014Weave your own Harvest Cornucopia or Horn-of-Plenty, some of us are weaving them as centerpieces in the Devour Food Film Fest in November 12-16 in Wolfville, Nova Scotia. 

Basket and Basketry Outlets
Anne Mae Darville, Greg McEwan and Cheryl Simon have baskets for sale at the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia shop.

Greg McEwan's
ash baskets and Alan Hayward's bark baskets are for sale at The Bogside and Carrefour in Halifax.

Maritime Hobbies in Halifax is now carrying a variety of sizes of reed, stocking reed basketry kits, tools, pre-woven cane for chair seats and books. If you are out of town, give them a call they are always willing to find a way to deliver your order to you.  They will order reed, handles, tools, dyes, etc. at your request if they do not stock them. 1521 Grafton Street, 902-423-8870.
Nova Scotia Basketry Contacts
(e-mail us)
New Glasgow:  Donna Manuel
Cape Breton:  Diane Langdon-Dann 
Antigonish:  Sian Turner
Seaforth:  Hannah Dunleavy
Lunenburg:  Heather Sanft
Hubbards:  Peggy Jenkinson
South Shore:  Michael Wolter

Other Things to See and Do

February 91:00 - 4:00pm - Family Sunday at Art Gallery of Nova Scotia     
Inspired by the exhibition Shifting Ground which highlights Aboriginal artworks from the AGNS Permanent Collection, this Sunday will be sure to draw on all your senses!  Join our special guests, All Nations Drummers, who will perform for and interact with you in the gallery. Studio activities will focus on several themes presented in this exhibition including our environment and storytelling through art.
Place:  Art Gallery of Nova Scotia, Halifax waterfront near the Halifax ferry terminal


February 18 – Tuesday at 8:00pm – “Black Mother, Black Daughter”
film screening

Sylvia D. Hamilton, Claire Prieto, National Film Board of Canada, 1989, 29 minutes.  This cinematic portrait explores the contributions of African Nova Scotian women to the home, the Church and the community, and is anchored by music by the classic vocal quartet “Four the Moment”.
Place:  Dalhousie Art Gallery, University Avenue, Halifax.


March 1 – 2:00 - 4:00pm “Baskets of Black Nova Scotians”
Public program open to all! Maple baskets were used for generations of Cole Harbour farmers.  Hear the baskets’ story as documented in the Nova Scotia Museum first E-book.  Meet family members who keep this tradition alive – 201 years since their ancestors landed in Halifax in 1813 – and watch as they weave their baskets.  Bring along your baskets from the Black community for identification and arrange for repairs.  Refreshments – with a maple theme!
Place: Cole Harbour Library, Forest Hills Road outside Dartmouth.


March 18 – 7:30pm – Tuesday Evening Public Talk
Join author (Joleen Gordon) of the Nova Scotia Museum’s very first E-book, “Baskets of Black Nova Scotians.”  This book is a history of the basketmaking tradition brought to Nova Scotia by the Black Refugees during the War of 1812.  These escaping slaves were brought up from the Atlantic American seaboard to freedom by the British Navy.  The book features examples of work and construction techniques as the tradition is continued today by their descendants.  If any of you have baskets from the Black community, bring them along so we can share their history.
Place:  Auditorium, Maritime Museum of the Atlantic, Halifax waterfront.


April 3, 10, 17 and 24 noon hours – Folk Craft Workshops
with Joleen Gordon

This is a NEW program with the HRM Library and the Helen Creighton Folklore Society.
A series of 4 separate hands-on sessions making ornaments from the folk traditions found in Nova Scotia – Danish Paper Hearts, Moravian Paper Stars, German Straw Snowflakes and Mi’kmaw Ash and Sweetgrass Star.  Some of these ornaments are used in seasonal celebrations while others can be used year-round for decoration or for gifting.
Place:  Starr Room, Alderney Gate Library
Cost: free – you do the weaving!
Tools: bring a pair of small scissors
Register with the Alderney Gate Library – see Spring brochure/website.  


“Heffler shows the old ways still work” by Elissa Barnard.  Chronicle Herald, The Nova Scotian, Saturday January 11, 2014.  Lots of neat photographs! 
Internet version click here 

Looking for workshops teaching the old aboriginal ways?  Look up www.lifewaysinstitute.org and plan your vacation or your future.

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