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Spring/Summer 2014

Volume 26 Number 2, April to August 2014

We would really like to hear your ideas for programming – repeats of favourite past basket workshops and your ideas for new basket workshops. Please let us know!

MONTHLY GUILD WORKSHOPS – THIRD SATURDAYS (usually)  We have been asked to have some Sunday classes for those members unable to attend on Saturdays. 

(calendar year)

$15 per individual
$20 per couple

Payable to:
Nova Scotia Basketry Guild

Mail to:
121 Crichton Avenue, Dartmouth, Nova Scotia,
B3A 3R6

Contact us if you are not sure if your dues are paid for the current year

Suggestions for workshops, and locations to hold the workshops are always appreciated.

If you, or someone you know, would like to teach a workshop, or have an idea for a workshop, or an idea for workshop space, please e-mail us and let us know. We have people who can help make it happen!

These gatherings are open to Guild Members only.
There is no formal teaching just sharing, to complete workshop projects or to start new ones.

Tuesday Mornings
(we will continue to meet until we agree to stop for the summer)
  9:30am to Noon
 with a potluck lunch at noon.
Contact us:  nsbg@chebucto.org
 for more information

If you are not a current member you will be required to pay
the $15 annual dues plus the class fee

Two Day Workshop
April 12 and May 17, 2014
Red Osier Dogwood and Acadian Willow
Casserole Dish Basket
Red Osier Casserole Basket
These two shrubs have an interesting history and requirements for growth – and the young shoots provide excellent stems/withies for weaving baskets.  Learn how to identify and collect the yellow Acadian Willow (Salix alba var. vitelina (L.) and Red Osier Dogwood (Cornus stolonifera, Michx.) found in the limestone ditches of Hants County. 

We will “pair” the basket shape of a basket together with its dish by weaving the yellow and red withies around either a round or oval-shaped casserole dish to make a colourful casserole basket to take food to community potlucks – or for serving at your table.

Techniques: the basket base is a sturdy withe shaped and bound to match the rim of the dish.  To the base, two sturdy withies are added with their butt ends “slyped” – a British basket term for a long tapered cut- the tip ends are woven with finer withies.  The side-stakes are added to base ring with their butt ends slyped.   The sides are woven using two sets of paired withies.  More pairing!  The rim is an attractive braided border.

Day One Saturday, April 12
Time/Place: Gather at 9:00am at Gordon home 121 Crichton Ave. for carpooling to the ditch at exit #5 on the #101 highway near Windsor.  If people are interested, we could make a side trip to Burgess Baskets (Poplar berry boxes) in Newport Station. www.burgessbaskets.com  This would make a longer day, so bring your lunch.
Tools: clippers; twine for binding withies.

Day Two Saturday, May 17
Time: 9:30am to 3:30pm
Place: Room 101 Findlay Community Centre, Elliott Street or the Gordon Workshop both venues in Dartmouth.
Tools: casserole dish (round or oval), clippers, non-folding knife and lunch.
Participants: 8 people - open to all levels of basketmaking.
Cost:  $25.00 (if you are not a current member you will be required to pay the $15 annual dues in addition to the class fee of $25 = $40)

Register for Class by contacting us:  nsbg@chebucto.org

Please register by April 10
and mail class fee to:  Nova Scotia Basketry Guild, 121 Crichton Avenue Dartmouth NS B3A 3R6
April 19, 2014
NEW!  Pop-up Class
Easter Basket Nest (no handle).

VintageTradingCoUk round willow basket
Make your own Easter Basket using English bark willows (similar to the photograph above courtesy of Vintage Trading Co. UK).  Learn the basics of using willows and weaving the round 4+4 bottom with “pairing” using 2 willows at once.  Learn to weave the Double 3-Rod Wale for the sides and the Braided Border for the rim.

At lunch, we will dye eggs with onions skins for our nests thanks to Guild member Pat McKay who shared her English Easter tradition with the Tuesday group.

Time: Saturday April 19, 9:30am to 3:30pm
Place: Gordon workshop
Tools: clippers, knife, spray bottle, bodkin/awl, 48oz juice can (with juice!), old towel for wrapping damp willows and your lunch.  Bring onion skins for the egg dyeing.  Eggs will be provided.
Participants: 6 people
Cost:  $10.00 (if you are not a current member you will be required to pay the $15 annual dues in addition to the class fee of $10 = $25)
Register for Class by contacting us:  nsbg@chebucto.org

Please register by April 12 and mail class fee to:  Nova Scotia Basketry Guild, 121 Crichton Avenue, Dartmouth, NS  B3A 3R6.
June – no workshop scheduled
Three day Workshop
July 11 and July 12 and July 13
 Red Maple Basket with Pam Wall
Pam Wall Maple Basket 
First time! – a summer basket class with Pam Wall and her sister Vivian MacPhee, two daughters of the late Edith Clayton of East Preston.  Mrs. Clayton was our very first Honourary Member, who was well known for preserving and sharing her knowledge of making the traditional maple ribbed baskets of the Black basketweavers in Nova Scotia.
Pam and Vivian will take us through the stages of making the handless basket, a new style for us.  Friday will be our field trip day searching for the “right” basket maple tree and preparing the wood.  Saturday and Sunday we will be learning how to split the maple to make the weaving strips and the ribbed construction of this versatile basket for table serving buns, biscuits and fruits, or for holding the “catch-alls”.   Dyeing will be taught as well.  Come join us and make this part of your summer holiday!
Cost:  $50.00 (if you are not a current member you will be required to pay the $15 annual dues in addition to the class fee of $50 = $65)
Participants:  6 people - open to all levels of basketmaking.
Place:  Gordon’s Camp, Hammond’s Plains  
Time:  10:00am to 3:00pm with a lunch hour
Tools: non-folding knife, small hatchet and hammer, wood scissors plus your lunch and swimsuit – the lake water is beautiful.

Register for Class by contacting us:  nsbg@chebucto.org

Please register before July 4 and send your cheque made out to Nova Scotia Basketry Guild to 121 Crichton Avenue, Dartmouth NS B3A 3R6.
August – no workshop scheduled
July 19 and 20, 2014 – Making Lavender Wands at the Lavender Festival at the Seafoam Lavender Farm in Seafoam, Nova Scotia on the beautiful Northumberland Strait overlooking PEI.
Contact us:  nsbg@chebucto.org
Fall 2014 - Weave your own Harvest Cornucopia or Horn-of-Plenty, some of us are weaving them as centrepieces in the Devour Food Film Fest in November 12-16 in Wolfville, Nova Scotia.  More details later.
Double-walled Reed Shopper Workshop using imported seagrass and reed - anyone interested to help plan this workshop?

Basket and Basketry Outlets
Baskets made by Frank in the Annapolis Valley.  Noggins Farm Store at the Alderney Landing Market in Dartmouth is selling his Red Osier Baskets.

Anne Mae Darville and Maggie Bean have baskets for sale at the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia shop.

Greg McEwan's
ash baskets and Alan Hayward's bark baskets are for sale at The Bogside and Carrefour in Halifax.

Maritime Hobbies in Halifax is now carrying a variety of sizes of reed, reed basketry kits, tools, pre-woven cane for chair seats and books. If you are out of town, give them a call they are always willing to find a way to deliver your order to you.  They will order reed, handles, tools, dyes, etc. at your request if they do not stock them. 1521 Grafton Street, 902-423-8870.
Nova Scotia Basketry Contacts
Contact us:  nsbg@chebucto.org

New Glasgow
Cape Breton


South Shore
Other Things to See and Do

April 8, 2014 – 7:30pm – Tuesday Evening Public Talk
Join author (Joleen Gordon) of the Nova Scotia Museum’s very first E-book, “Baskets of Black Nova Scotians.”  This book is a history of the basketmaking tradition brought to Nova Scotia by the Black Refugees during the War of 1812.  These escaping slaves were brought up from the Atlantic American seaboard to freedom by the British Navy.  The book features examples of work and construction techniques as the tradition is continued today by their descendants.  If any of you have baskets from the Black community, bring them along so we can share their history.
Place:  Auditorium, Maritime Museum of the Atlantic, Halifax waterfront.
April 3, 10, 17 and 24, 201412:00pm to 1:00pm – Folk Craft Workshops with Joleen Gordon. This is a NEW program with the HRM Library and the Helen Creighton Folklore Society. A series of 4 separate hands-on sessions making ornaments from the folk traditions found in Nova Scotia – Danish Paper Hearts, Moravian Paper Stars, German Straw Snowflakes and Mi’kmaw Ash and Sweetgrass Star.  Some of these ornaments are used in seasonal celebrations while others can be used year-round for decoration or for gifting.
Place:  Starr Room, Alderney Gate Library
Cost: free – you do the weaving!
Tools: bring a pair of small scissors
Register with the Alderney Gate Librarysee Spring Guide/website.  
May 17, 2014 – Wooden Flower Workshop with David Muese from Bear River.  Learn how to make a Carnation and an Apple Blossom. 
Register by calling  the Glooscap Heritage Centre 1-902-843-3493
Cost depends on number of registrants.

June 6, 2014 opening of the exhibition from June 7-August 3, 2014
Mi’kwite’tmn “Do You Remember”

This exhibition focuses on the new basketwork of Ursula A. Johnson and is a major National touring exhibition with a major catalogue.  A must-see exhibition for all basketmakers and people interested in the cultural heritage of the Mi’kmaw people.
St. Mary’s University Art Gallery, Halifax.
July 5, 13, 20 and 27, 2014 – 1:00pm - Dream Catcher One-day Workshops
Register by contacting Glooscap Heritage Centre 1-902-843-3493.
Interested?  To car pool from metro, contact us:  nsbg@chebucto.org

Prince Edward Island 2014 Events
In 2014, to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the 1864 Charlottetown Conference which led to Canadian Confederation in 1867, the Basketweavers of Prince Edward Island celebrate with their program

 “The History and Skills of the Basketweavers of PEI”

demonstrating the basket-making process of the old potato and biscuit baskets,
the core of this traditional art.

To be held in 20 venues across the Province from April 15 to September 10th

Three hands-on workshops using hand-pounded ash splints

July 19-20 – Malpeque at the Princetown United Church
August 5-7 – Summerside at the Eptek Centre
August 31-Sept 1 – Abrams Village in the village of Abrams Village

Traditional basket making dates back to the native Mi’kmaq who shared this art with the Acadians on PEI.  This Island attraction lives on with a skilled group of master basket weavers.
For more information go to  www.islandtraditionsstore.com

Interested in a basket vacation on the island? Bring your bathing suit!
Let’s attend one of the workshops.  Contact
us:  nsbg@chebucto.org

September 25-28, 2014 – Canadian Craft Federation 2014 Conference
To honour the 150th anniversary, Prince Edward Island will host the Canadian Craft Federation meeting – for the very first time!   For more information: www.peicraftscouncil.com or P.O. Box 29971, RPO Sherwood, Charlottetown or laura@peicraftscouncil.com
Looking for workshops teaching the old aboriginal ways? 
Look up
www.lifewaysinstitute.org and plan your vacation or your future.

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